About Us

Foxtrot is a fair and honest dealer and appraiser of quality firearms, knives, sporting collectibles, and antiques. I, Francis Lombardi, am the founder and owner of the company and have been in the trade for over 32 years. I started to actively purvey collectible firearms when I was eighteen years old and have been involved both professionally and privately ever since. All items that I sell are guaranteed to be fairly represented and come with inspection privileges to insure your absolute satisfaction. Foxtrot holds a valid Type 08 FFL (Importer/Dealer) and is a corporation in good standing in New York state.


Experience and industry contacts are the key to my success. I am the former department head of The James D. Julia Auction Company based in Fairfield, Maine – an internationally recognized and leading auction house for fine, rare, and historic firearms. During my tenure, I was able to see, handle, and assess more fine guns than most would in a lifetime of collecting or dealing. I have been a exhibitor/attendee at the following shows of significance, and many more: Las Vegas Antique Arms Show, SHOT Show, IWA Nuremberg, Safari Club International, NRA Annual convention, Louisville National Gun Day, Southern Side- by-Side Classic.


My industry contacts are extensive. This client list asset contributes greatly to my success to source and sell across all categories of items purveyed, whereas, many dealers are highly specialized in/to a specific genre or manufacturer and are challenged to get certain items efficiently to market. In fact, many important collectors are very private in their dealings and cannot be reached through common advertising or online channels. Often, these significant collectors retain the services of someone like myself to source and assess a potential acquisition. If you are a seller, the ability to communicate and deal directly with important buyers or their agents can often have substantial financial benefit to you, helping you realize the most return for your items. As a buyer, there are many opportunities to acquire unique and rare items from private collections or dealer's private stock before such items are offered publicly, thus preserving the mystique and allure of a possible "unknown" rarity in your collection.