Estate Dispositions & Appraisals

This includes the total solution for the handling of estate items, from a single item to large collections. Retained services often include sales representation, inventory verification, condition assessment, and insurance/fair market/auction valuations. Other important services include the safe handling and proper packaging for insured transport of goods to their intended destination.


Auction Consulting

The auction sale of a collection or single item can be a financially rewarding platform to monetize your goods. It is a competitive environment where your items will often realize a good to excellent current market value. You should although realize that not all auction houses excel universally and many have very specific niche strengths. Having been the firearms department head at James D. Julia Auctions, an internationally known leader in the sale of fine, rare, and historic firearms, I intimately know and understand the auction platform and can best represent you through the process. The auction business is competitive and there are many ways to structure the sale to maximize returns.


Consignment Sales

We accept quality items for consignment sale. We will honestly tell you what the current market value is for your goods so there is a reasonable expectation for sales in a relative timeframe. We all too often observe dealers giving sellers false hopes by telling them their items are worth much more than current market value to selfishly to bolster their own inventory, only to have such items stagnate in the market for many years, and then when the game gets tired, you are often coerced take a significant price concession, often below market value, because now the collector community is suspicious that something is wrong with the item because nobody bought it at the high price…. Our commission terms are industry competitive and our average sell time is well below industry comparables.


Buyer's Agent Services

We offer Buyer’s agent services to our clients to assist them in their acquisitions where an uncompromised, honest, and experienced assessment can be communicated. This service is commonly retained when a client is interested in a gun at auction, understands that an auction house has a fiduciary duty to the seller to maximize returns, and where a third-party assessment can mean the difference between a great buy or a significant loss. From experience in the trade, trust us when we tell you that the small fee paid for this service is well worth the investment.


Importation of Firearms

As a Type 08 FFL license holder, we can legally and efficiently import your guns into the USA. We offer discreet concierge style service when helping our clients import. We are registered with the US Customs and have a valid continuous surety bond in-place. The process is relatively simple and typically takes about 3 to 6 weeks to get the BATF Form 6 Import permit issued. We have contacts throughout the world that can assist with the necessary export permits and freight logistics. Our rates are competitive and will depend upon country of export, type of firearm, and quantity of items. Please call to discuss.

Finder's Fees

We are in a competitive business and understand that sometimes an incentive can make all the difference between us versus our competitor getting the collection. Fee level will depend upon a few factors: a.) Size and value of collection b.) Your influence in our acquiring/consignment/handling of the collection c.) Terms of service established with client.